Create Targeted Campaigns Across Multiple Stores

  • Identify new product development opportunities
  • Collect customer data for remarketing purposes
  • Supplement existing marketing campaigns

Reach Multiplier enables you to launch multiple targeted sales campaigns by connecting with multiple retailers online.
Through Reach Multiplier’s Private B2B Marketplace you can have your products to market quickly and effectively.

Take your campaigns anywhere while still managing inventory, orders, and customer data from within a single dashboard by enabling a network of individual Merchants to obtain one click integration from your brand.

Turn your promotional campaigns into immersive, end-to-end shopping experiences without the cost or commitments of traditional online marketing campaigns. Your brand can connect directly with customers, test new products and markets, drive demand during peak buying seasons, all by tapping into the retailers existing traffic.

Sell directly to high-volume customers with Reach Multiplier’s Private B2B Marketplace. Offer customised price lists, incentivised promotional items and marketing assets through a buying experience that frees you of traditional time-consuming wholesale order and sales management. 

Why not create campaigns that make your brand memorable and promote a focused effort across multiple stores towards a desired action of sales plus an expansion of your brand identity, personality, and emotion.

Take advantage of Reach Multiplier’s Private B2B marketplace to promote a new or existing product, increase your brand awareness, gather customer data, boost user engagement and generate revenue without the high costs and risks associated with typical marketing campaigns.  



You can easily attach your campaign marketing assets to each product to arm your merchants with the right content to promote your campaigns with.
Each product has is own CMS link known as the "Marketing Asset" within your Reach Multiplier dashboard.
Provide your campaign stores with Instagram posts and stories, Facebook posts and Ad set creatives plus video and more...allowing a consistent brand message across multiple store campaigns. 



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