Case - Fashion Brand



The Fashion Brand distributed their products via a vast network of fashion Merchants and sold their products through a stand alone Shopify eCommerce website.

They noticed a gap in their offerings with these Merchants, the Merchants were not offering their customers the Fashion Brands complete or complementing range. This was due to the complexity of the integration of inventory, product information, marketing assets and order management for both Merchant and Brand.

The Fashion Brand sought to facilitate and automate this operation for both the brand and the Merchant through Reach Multiplier’s Private B2B Marketplace Software..

Reach Multiplier’s Private B2B Marketplace enables a complex network of individual Merchants to obtain one click integration of products, pricing, inventory and marketing assets from the Fashion Brand. 

This facilitation is done with our proprietary X Core Technology. 

X Core comprises of two integration technology components that work directly together to power your Private B2B Marketplace, allowing you to manage your Private B2B Marketplace and easily connect your Merchants and your products. 

The Merchants take commissions on every sale through thePrivate B2B Marketplace and have a tiered commission system to reward the best selling Merchants.

The Fashion Brand integrated 10 Merchants who each installed the Fashion Brands Private Marketplace Shopify App.
The Merchants had on average 10 sales @ 150 over the first month delivering an extra 15K in revenue (180k PA) 

The Fashion Brand enjoys a steady increase of sales through their automated system.


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