General Questions

No. There are no setup fees.

All Reach Multiplier plans are based on a month to month basis.

Yes. Reach Multiplier is hosted and secured within the AWS framework. This means all your data and customer information is ultra secure.

Reach Multiplier X Hub and X Merchant Portal

Save you a truckload of time managing multiple Shopify stores.

Connect, share and drive revenue with multiple Shopify merchants. 

Strengthen your Brand with a consistent marketing message across multiple merchants.

No.  Our X Core technology plugs into your existing Shopify platform. So your existing eCommerce interface remains, but will be supported by the smarts of our X core technology.  Think of Reach Multiplier as a tool that distributes your information from the backend of your shopify store and collects data that in-turns syncs to the backend of your shopify store. So you can continue to manage orders and inventory from within shopify or any external software you have connected to your shopify store.   

Reach Multiplier is a cloud based software that is mobile friendly so you can access it anywhere on any device 24/7.  

you can add up to 50 stores

No, all orders are automatically synced to your connected Shopify store, allowing you to fulfill within your existing operation. 

Yes, you can set up shipping based on weight for each product. Only stores you wish to add freight to are charged.

Yes, you can can get detailed reports in real-time on the performance of your products with each connected store and export them in a CSV File. 

No, each plan is dedicated a certain number of configured App connections.

Yes, each product has its own Marketing Asset link to any asset you wish to help your merchant sell your product. Link Social media ads, multiple  Instagram Images, Videos or any digital asset you have for that product. 

The term Private Marketplace is used as only invited Merchants can connect. Once connected the merchant selects the products they wish to push onto their store.  

 One the app is installed it takes seconds to have your product description, product images. pricing and inventory synced to their store.  

Only the products that are synced to the app are show on the suppliers order. 

Tracking is integrated from the supplier to the merchant with notifications automatically synced from the merchant to the customer. 

Yes, orders from Merchant stores sync across automatically to your store.

Yes, when a product is pushed that already exists on the merchant store it will be automaticly updated and synced. 

When a products is synced, the following information is copied over to the connected store:


Product Title







Reach Multiplier will keep all information synced at all times.