Influencer Collaborations

Reach Multiplier Influencer Campaigns

Collaborate With Direct Shopping Links  

Reach Multiplier enables you to collaborate with Influencers driving sales campaigns with direct shoppable instagram posts with multiple Influencers at once. 

Influencers can access the X Merchant Portal via a stand alone Merchant/Influencer Collaboration Shopify store. Each product can have a brief attached and examples of how the brand would like the product promoted

Transparency is the key relationship between the Merchant and the Influencer. With both parties having access to sales reports and Analytics.   

The Influencer connects their Facebook and Instagram to the Shopify store to allow the shoppable links to work. 

Merchants can then pay Influencers bonuses based on sales generated via the Direct Shopping Link Collaboration 

Influencers have been gloating about the time they and their followers will save. “It’s my job to share beauty secrets and tips. I’m usually writing long, detailed captions about the latest products I’ve been using,” Jaleesa Moses, an influencer, said to media outlet “Having this tool just makes it that much easier to let everyone know what I’m wearing and from where—down to the shade.”

Merchants also gain valuable retargeting insights with the traffic generated by the collaboration to the stand alone store.

It makes it very simple for an Influencers follower’s to purchase the product and they don’t have to message influencers asking ‘Where do you get that product?

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