Multi Store Management

Easily & Effectively Manage Multiple Stores

If you manage multiple Shopify stores you will fully understand it requires both time and money to execute successfully. 
By utilising the Reach Multiplier B2B Private marketplace to manage your stores you will save on both.

Reach Multiplier will help you overcome the challenges you face such:

  • Having to manage orders out of each separate site.
  • The need to keep inventory updated as customers buy or return items.
  • Ensuring the Product data (like categories) is probably structured differently across stores.
  • And time consuming product content management .

Reach Multiplier is software specifically built and designed to deal with product information,control and is a complete scalable solution for your brand. Your product data is kept clean on a platform that stands independent of the sales channels to which it publishes.

You will be able to centralise where you manage inventory and make sure all inventory numbers are updated across your stores in real time and manage your inventory from a central location.

Just like with inventory management, you are able to centralise how you manage and fulfill orders. Keeping fulfillment, customer care and shipping processes consistent across all of your brands stores makes it easier for you to manage them effectively.

Reach Multiplier Enables You:

  1. Centralised data with single view of content.
  2. Ensure data accuracy and consistency.
  3. Provide customers with quality and updated product content.
  4. Integrate data from multiple sources, formats, and communication channels.
  5. Streamline your workflow.
  6. Easily expand your product catalog.
  7. Manage content, media, and digital assets.
  8. Boost you and your team’s productivity and efficiency.
  9. Identify new product development opportunities
  10. Collect customer data for remarketing purposes
  11. Supplement existing marketing campaigns



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