Our Technology

X Core comprises of two integration technology components that work directly together to power your Private B2B Marketplace, allowing you to manage your marketplace and easily connect your Merchants and your products.

X Hub is the administration system that allows you to create and run your marketplace with individual Merchants. It enables operators to manage important functions such as Merchants onboarding, categorisation, inventory flow, returns, product marketing assets and customised configuration.


The X Merchant Portal is "Your Branded Shopify App" where your Merchants manage their presence of your products within their store. Via your Branded App they can easily manage their products, marketing assets, orders and supplier payments. It provides statistics on total orders, units sold and estimated profits. The app is easily recognised by your Merchants, as its Branded with your Logo. 

X Core technology plugs into your existing Shopify eCommerce engine.
So your existing eCommerce interface remains, but will be supported by the smarts of our X core technology.
We create you a Private Shopify App (which of cause is branded with your logo) for your selected Merchants to install on their site.
Each App installation is unique with its own offering of product collections and pricing. The App is private so only the stores you provide the installation link can access.
This Private Marketplace solution allows you to fulfill with third party Merchants and increase your offering without having to replatform.