Connect with your Favorite brands Private Marketplace

Connecting with your favourite Brands Private market place gives you access to a catalogue of products you may or don’t have available within your online store.  

Adding products to your store have never been so simple and fast!! Simply install your bands Shopify App, Select and push products to your store

Save time and energy creating products on your Shopify store
No More Creating Product Titles
No More Creating Product Descriptions
No More Uploading Product Images
No More Creating Prices 
No More Creating SKU’s 
No More Creating Weights
No More Creating Variants
No More Inventory Concerns
No More Purchase Orders
No More Manual Fulfillment

With your Bands done for you Private Marketplace all your headaches are taken care of. Within minutes you could have orders flowing into your Shopify store while the fulfilment process is taken care of by your connected Brand.

Simple one click add to store, select sales channels and the product is live on your site. Gain access to additional marketing material connected to each product that you can repurpose on your social media and websites. 

When your customer places an order that has a Brands product included a purchase order is sent for that product to the Brand. You receive a notification to go into the brands app and click the payment of the order. The brand is notified the order is complete and they fulfill the order while syncing notifications to your Shopify store and your customers.

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