X Hub - Reach Multiplier

X Hub is the administration system that allows you to create and run your marketplace with individual Merchants. It enables operators to manage important functions such as Merchant onboarding, categorisation, inventory flow, returns, product marketing assets and customised configuration.


Comprehensive dashboard providing insights on your Merchants, inventory movement, product management, onboarding, branding and much more



Track Merchants, allocate product categories, which products their customers ordered, commission groups, monitor activity - order totals, pending orders, return orders, payments. 


Pricing Groups allow you to set commissions to your Merchants. Commissions are calculated on your Recommended Sale Price less a percentage you assign to each group.




Inventory Updates in Real Time! Reach Multiplier allows you to sync inventory in real time to all your connected Merchants. If a sale or refund is made in one store, the change is pushed out to all your other stores immediately. Easily share and sync inventory and products to other stores! Great for drop-shipping, wholesalers, multiple storefronts and more!


Leverage every product connected to Reach Multiplier with individual links to your marketing assets. Provide your Merchants with marketing assets to promote your Brand & Product. Add Social Media posts, Videos, Product Ads, your sellers can use these assets to promote the product further to their audience.




Manage your shipping based on weight across all products and stores. Choose to charge shipping or not to individual stores. Transparency with your Merchants with rates shown in their front-end app.


Automatically update all marketplaces with detailed tracking and fulfillment data.
  •  Fully automated fulfillment updates, no more cutting and pasting tracking data
  • Supports line items, quantities shipped, carriers, service levels, and tracking number
  • Eliminate customer service "where is my order" emails




Real-time accurate reporting so your team can make data-driven decisions to fuel your brand’s growth. Sales reports on gross sale by title, gross sale by store, pending orders by store, unfulfilled orders, returns and shipping, it’s all here under roof. Make fast decisions based on up to date analytics. Customized reports for your business. CSV Export


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