X Merchant Portal App Features

The X Merchant Portal is "Your Branded Shopify App" where your Merchants manage their presence of your products within their store. Via your Branded App they can easily manage their products, marketing assets, orders and supplier payments. It provides statistics on total orders, units sold and estimated profits. The app is easily recognised by your Merchants, as it is Branded with your Logo.


Merchant onboarding made easy with store invites sent from with your X Hub dashboard. The Invite includes a link to your Branded Private Shopify App for your seller to Install. Once installed you set your Merchants preferences from within your X Hub dashboard and they can now start selling and marketing your products.



Empower your merchants with a user friendly dashboard. Merchants navigate and engage your products seamlessly via category menus, branded content,  overview of sales performance and one click order payment.  


Merchants can update your existing products listed on their stores with one click sync integration. Update their pricing, images, descriptions and inventory unifying your Brand. 




Merchants add products to their stores with a one click push. Unifying Inventory, product descriptions and pricing. Add multiple products in minuets NOT hours/Days. Every product update your make is instantly updated on your merchants store. 


Arm your merchants with content to promote your products. Each product has is own CMS link known as the "Marketing Asset"  Add social media posts, videos Ad sets etc  




Merchants can monitor fulfillment within their Shopify store with tracking notification integrated and sent out to their customers.  Customers that purchase multiple products  (some yours and other brands) are updated a partial fulfillment. Overall its a seamless system for both you and the merchant. Eliminates customer service "where is my order" emails.


Merchants are sent order notifications each time their customer makes a purchase of your product. Within the notification the email reminds them to login and pay you for the order. 




    Merchants are provided statistics on total orders, units sold and estimated profits. Merchants are kept informed of recent products added along with notification updated you choose to communicate. Arm your Merchants with links to all your social media and a point of contact including name, phone and email.  
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