Why a Private Marketplace?

The idea of a Private Marketplace is attractive as it bridges the best aspects of traditional direct sales and automated eCommerce. 

Traditional direct sales key benefits include direct relationships between Brand and Merchant with bulk singular/multiple purchases as well as custom deals and forecasting benefits. 

Automated eCommerce key benefits include an automated product and inventory workflow which adds tremendous efficiencies to a sales process, the ability to deliver specific product marketing material into the hands of Merchants in real-time, target and test niche markets, be live to market in minutes not days and be paid immediately. 

What are the Benefits of a Private Marketplace?

Brands may choose to sell all or a portion of their product offering via a Private Marketplace for fast, efficient and scalable growth in their niche markets. Brands will see a multitude of benefits by incorporating this strategy into their sales channels:

Private Marketplaces arenew and it’s very clear that they are fast becoming an integral part of the eCommerce ecosystem.


A Private Marketplace allows your Brand to automate directly with Merchants of your choice providing them a direct access to your product range along with your marketing material in a private environment. Giving both you and the Merchant enormous leverage in sales and marketing.


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